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if i only had a brain....

Feb. 26th, 2007 | 05:10 pm
mood: drained drained
What Beautiful Sounds: humming computer, the derisive laughter of the emo's

thank you dan, for phoning me, i feel slightly more like a person. raed, deille, im so sorry. ive been ignoring you guys, and you must be really pissed. i have no exuse. im just a stupid emo. i wont ignore you anymore. i make a solemn promise and if i break it you can biif me on the head and break my knuckle bones.

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pre-waffle post

Jul. 4th, 2006 | 11:58 am
location: computer, what else do you want from me?!
mood: drained drained
What Beautiful Sounds: the fan... it goes woooosh! woosh!

so... tired... i tossed yester eve twice! (pity me) so, i ordered a bunch of henna!! squee, tatts for all! but, if you will exuse me, i must go make and consume waffles.

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Directors notes for Raed

Apr. 20th, 2006 | 10:35 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished
What Beautiful Sounds: *tippity-tap*

Directors Notes

When I first perceived Raed’s request that I aid her in the direction of a one act, I was taken aback to say the least. I believe my exact words were, “Are you on crack?!” Yet, here I am. ‘Tone Clusters’ was definitely a more difficult production than I had first expected. The lack of definite character, structure, and plot has presented some rather unusual challenges to both Raed and I, the directors, and Derilee, Travis, and Alycia, our lovely and talented actors. Also, the interesting tech problems of lighting a play with no actual scenes presented quite the quandry for our techies as well as we the directors. Such a perilous undertaking as this is akin to Icarus’ first flight; one can only hope we do not perform a similar flop.

Thank you,
Katherine Furness & Rachelle Dunn

stanley kubric, eat your heart out.

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life changing desitions

Apr. 9th, 2006 | 06:09 pm
location: computer desk, earth, star sol
mood: hungry hungry
What Beautiful Sounds: my famile getting ready for dessert searching!

i shall be sick... or a hippie. whichever comes first.

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all i can eat are smoothies.... with raw eggs in them. yum... protein.

Feb. 10th, 2006 | 10:42 am
mood: uncomfortable uncomfortable
What Beautiful Sounds: tumbling down, venus in furs

as usual, nothing to day, but raed kicked my bum for not posting, so im gonna try... um... i got an x-ray, my jaw isnt broken, just bruised... but, hey, it wasnt all a loss! i now glow in the dark...

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the last of the really great wangdoodles?? wow, childrens books are pervy...

Jan. 11th, 2006 | 09:58 am
mood: bouncy bouncy
What Beautiful Sounds: the *tippitty-tappity* of library computers

hihi (like the greeting, not the state of being...) but im so uppy today, i might as well be on something illegal. i still need a frockin source though.... clockwork orange, bethune, hamlet, hobbit, hitchikers? what in the good god damn am i going to do?? ok, no hyperveltilating... ill find something. the thing to do now is to not think about what is stressing me. that will work just fine, i think. so you guys feeling all buzzed out too? o! and i was a mute poet who died of consumption. and a frappichino. (he dies of teh consumption, not the frappichino) cool, no? ive always wanted to die of consumption. have days!

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little gents are adora-wiggle!

Dec. 26th, 2005 | 12:44 pm
mood: numb numb
What Beautiful Sounds: firefly playing in the background

so, boxing day now... i feel like i should be at skolliwolll... but its nice not to be, eh? so when's shoot? and where i need to get the info so's i can be there.... love you all bunches...

(and i dont really feel numb, i just wanted to show you why i changed my icons...)

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playing silly buggers with you, with us!

Dec. 25th, 2005 | 08:13 am
mood: mischievous mischievous
What Beautiful Sounds: tom waits and peter murphy - christmas sucks

happy prezzie day all! hope you got a good haul, and had fun with your *shudder* relations... no, i was only fooling, they arent that horrid... got to go keep my pe and em occupied.... see you soon!

just remember... the holiday season is a loving, giving time, where it is simpler for those of us with no scruples to fleece the kind, giving fools. *grins*

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oooo.... pretty....

Nov. 27th, 2005 | 06:30 pm
mood: hungry hungry
What Beautiful Sounds: dinner cooking....very...very...slow..ly....

Nightmare Before Christmas!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

cool, no?

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(no subject)

Nov. 9th, 2005 | 09:00 am
mood: accomplished accomplished
What Beautiful Sounds: my sis whacking about getting ready for school

ok, guys, so i want to post my english essay, but its like 5 pages long... can i link it akin to what fanfic writers do here? if so, how the hell? please help! i also wanna post that other essay, so please, get with the explaining...

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